May 30, 2004

If fear fails, what's next?

At Mr. Ashcroft’s behest, let’s remind ourselves: This administration, despite warnings, did nothing to prevent the attacks of 9/11. They have thus far failed to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. They diverted crucial personnel and supplies from the pursuit of bin Laden in favor of their hungrily desired war in Iraq. They based the Iraq war on finding stockpiles of illegal weapons and disrupting Saddam’s ties to al Queda--neither of which has been shown to exist...

This is not to say that our country is immune from terrorism; quite the opposite. Mr. Bush’s actions since 9/11 have added to the fires of hatred directed toward this nation. But the issue regarding Mr. Bush and his crew is that they have squandered their credibility with the American people...

With just over five months to go before election day, it must be asked: How far would they go? With blood on their hands and God on their side, what actions would Bush & Co. consider too extreme--when the goal is to extend their control over the financial and military power of the American presidency?

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