June 30, 2004

Iran: Bush an angry, fascistic a-hole

TEHRAN, June 30 – The Foreign Ministry on Wednesday commented that the statement by George W. Bush at the NATO summit is below the dignity of a president.

“Mr. Bush should not forget that he became president because of a court decision and since then, especially in recent months, he is always being rebuked for his unilateral and autocratic policies,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said.

The pResident’s immoral policies have reached such heights that even US university scholars and some academic circles have begun speaking out about the consequences of his undemocratic behavior, the statement released by the foreign ministry quoted the spokesman as saying.

Bush’s pronouncements originate from his repeated failures and excessive anger, Asefi said in response to Bush’s anti-Iran statement.

Asefi's comments came after [Napoleon Bonehead] claimed in his speech to the recently-concluded NATO summit in Istanbul that Iran was trying to develop weapons of mass destruction and spread terrorism around the world. He also described Iran as a "threat to world peace."

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