June 28, 2004

Services performed

Do we the public hold Republicans to the same standards as Democrats? No way. Imagine if Clinton had tried to do what Bush has done! Yikes! The screaming and the persecution would still be reverberating through D.C., even though Clinton hadn't started a war or dabbled with ways to get around the Geneva Convention. But being as obsessed with sex as they are, the Republicans tortured the devil out of Mr. Clinton and impeached him for his sex life, for what he said about his sex life, and even for what he didn’t say about his sex life.

And now the Vice President is making suggestions about Leahy’s sex life. Gosh, don't Republicans ever think of anything else? No wonder things are so F---ed up!
- Elaine Kitchel, Intervention mag.

"Yep, Lynne says that's a good six inches!"

In a related story...

With thousands of reboobs set to invade NYC this summer, 'high-priced escorts and strippers are preparing for one grand old party. Agencies are flying in extra call girls from around the globe to meet the expected demand during the Aug. 30-Sept. 2 gathering,' reports the NY Daily News.


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