July 29, 2004

The top 9 food questions we'd like to ask at the national conventions
9. Are you now or have you ever been an egg poacher?
8. Which of you is better suited to a low-carb administration, and why?
7. Mr. pResident, do you agree with your father's position on broccoli? Um, it's a vegetable, sir, looks like little trees?
6. Do you really eat waffles for breakfast every day, Mr. Kerry?
5. Vice President Cheney: Rocky Mountain oysters -- yucky or yummy?
4. When you eventually have to eat crow in front of the UN, what sides would you like served with it?
3. Which goes better when eating your words, red wine or white?
2. If you could invite any two people, living or dead to dinner, what would you serve?

and the number 1 food question we'd like to ask...

1. Boxers, briefs or edible panties?

- Heh. They make just as much sense as most of the questions asked by CNN. From top5.com.

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