July 30, 2004

What passes for 'journalism' today
'Nobody seems to know anything about Kerry,' some lazy rethug asshat wrote in his column today, and then went on to insult him. Maybe if he had done some listening last night instead of jerking off to Toby Keith songs he might've had a clue.

Some things I know about George W Bush:

  • He tortured frogs when he was younger.
  • He's spent most of his adult life as a drunken coke-head, living off his family name.
  • He deserted the National Guard post his daddy got him during the Vietnam war.
  • As hundreds of US troops lay dead in Iraq, he laughed about the 'missing' wmd.
  • He called a reporter a "major-league asshole."
  • He referred to the citizens of Greece as  "Grecians."
  • He engaged in insider trading. After he sold off the stock he waited eight months to notify the SEC.
  • He screamed to Wall Street Journal editor Al Hunt - at a restaurant, where Hunt's wife and 4-year-old son were present - "You fucking son of a bitch. I saw what you wrote. We're not going to forget this."
  • "I think if you know what you believe, it makes it a lot easier to answer questions. I can't answer your question."      'Nuff said.

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