August 30, 2004

Good news and bad news.
The good news is that on Thursday evening the bf opened up the kitchen garbage to dispose of something, and the male zebra finch flew out! Little twerp. I couldn't believe it. I cried for a good five minutes. He let me scoop him up, and after spending Friday and Saturday on the floor of his cage, he's now back in the nest, hopefully working on making future replacement zebra finches with Mrs Zeebie.

Next: Mrs Zeebie develops a headache...

The bad news is that when the computer guy came over on Friday not only did the DSL modem self-destruct, but the one remaining phone line cut out also. Turns out it wasn't mice chewing on the lines - some brain donor at Sprint, while working on our neighbor's line across the street a few months ago, switched off part of the service to our house somehow. So we finally have a working phone again. As far as the computer goes, I should have the new modem delivered 'sometime this week.'

Kitten news: they're still hidden, though Tigger, the mom, comes around quite often for food. We heard a lot of mewing late last night so she might have moved them again, and with all the rain we're supposed to get tonight hopefully she'll bring them into the cat igloo or close to the house under the eaves where it'll be drier.

So... are we all ready for the rethug party rally?!
I could puke.

The Republican National Committee announced today that pResident George W. Bush's acceptance speech at the convention next week would be simulcast in English.
- email from MikeD.

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