December 23, 2004

Meet the stenographers
Why George aWol Bush has gotten away with so many #ucking lies.

Press a bunch of asskissing whores shirks duty to scrutinize official claims, the Duh Institute reports.

[F]rom the Iraq War to the 2004 presidential race, reporters shirked their journalistic duty to take a critical approach to official and partisan claims - to document them when they are true, and debunk them when they are false. Indeed, many journalists have become little more than stenographers, repeating whatever they are told without question.

"The next time the administration insists that chocolate is vanilla, much of the media - fearing accusations of liberal bias, trying to create the appearance of "balance" - won't report that the stuff is actually brown; at best they'll report that some Democrats claim that it's brown." - Paul Krugman.

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