January 26, 2005

Bush makes fun of seniors at press con

Q: I seem to remember a time in Texas on another problem, taxes, where you tried to get out in front and tell people it's not a crisis now, it's going to be a crisis down the line - you went down in flames on that one. Why...

The boy king: Actually, I - if I might. (Laughter.) I don't think a billion-dollar tax relief that permanently reduced property taxes on senior citizens was "flames," but since you weren't a senior citizen, perhaps that's your definition of "flames."

Q: I never got my billion --

Preznit Stupid: Yes. Because you're not a senior citizen yet. Acting like one, however. Go ahead. (Laughter.)

I can hear it now: oh, his homespun, folksy humor is so refreshing!

Balls. That was either an Alzheimer's joke or a senility joke. F*cking dumbass.

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