January 27, 2005

Congressional Hispanic caucus has just given the UFIA to Gonzales

On Wednesday, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus informed the Senate that the CHC has opted not to endorse Alberto Gonzales, President Bush’s nominee to replace [Crisco-annointed flake] John Ashcroft as the next Attorney General of the United States.

During the past four years, the CHC has proudly endorsed many judicial and executive branch nominees selected by [the smirking a-hole]. Unfortunately, Mr. Gonzales proved unwilling to discuss important issues facing the Latino community and refused to meet with the CHC, despite the fact that he initially indicated that he would welcome the chance to gain the approval of the 21 member CHC.

We feel we have no choice but to tell him to fuck off.

OK, that last part was mine, but you get the drift.

(Thanks to Spade Hammer for the pic! )

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