February 15, 2005

Yes, my name is Heywood Jablowmie, and I'd like to apply for a press pass?

Moral high ground, national security and accountability
"Guckert was denied similar credentials to cover Capitol Hill because of questions about his legitimacy as a reporter." - the Houston Chronicle.

Remember how the g-pukes gloated that they would bring honor and respectability back to the White House? How do they now explain the access a gay prostitute using a false name got to not only the WH and classified CIA files, but to the president? Did he sign a loyalty oath? Who signed off on his background check when he applied for access to the president? Did the Secret Service know Gannon was a) an alias, and b) a rent-boy? What the hell was a gay hooker doing in the White House press room?

The way the rightwing knuckledraggers freaked out over Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinski, you'd think they'd be upset when the Bush misadministration gets caught giving WH access to a gay prostitute. Unless they really didn't care about the president's "moral values" and just wanted a witch hunt to remove him from office...

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