March 30, 2005

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Let freedom reign
Supportin' freedom an' democracy

Why does George W Bush hate America?

Local residents blacklisted, ejected from Soviet Bush Bamboozlepalooza tour official taxpayer-funded "private event" town hall meeting.

There we were - three people who had personally picked up tickets from Republican Congressman Beauprez's office and went to a presidential event.

After being seated in the audience we were forcibly removed before the President arrived, even though we had not been disruptive. We were shocked when told that this presidential event was a "private event" and were commanded to leave.

The Secret Service revealed that we were "ID'ed" when local Republican staffers saw a bumper sticker on the car we drove which said "No More Blood For Oil." Evidently, the free speech expressed on one bumper sticker is cause enough to eject three citizens from a presidential event.

God bless America.


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