March 30, 2005

From the why do these people still have jobs? department
This week...

  • Brit "Toadying Embarrassment" Hume: whore. Why doesn't he just tattoo Duhbya's naked ass right onto his nose, for petessake?

  • The National Presstitutes Club: whores that definately need a good clubbing. These useless assclowns threw a party for gay White House hooker/pin-up Jeff Gannon, then paraded him naked on their shoulders while enthusiastically sucking him off.

  • mAnn Coulter: insane, vicious skank-ho. A waste of oxygen, this virulent, disease-raddled harpy has no reason to exist, except as some kind of masturbatory figure for legions of pathetic, mouthbreathing troglodytes.

  • wHoreward "I just wanna see my name in print!" Kurtz: pandering, spreadeagled swallower of rightwing talking points, dick. He brings new meaning to the words "asskissing fuckwit."

  • Dishonorable mention: wHoreward Fineman, Newsweak laughingstock: see above.

  • ***

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