March 24, 2005

National tragedy: Congress plays the Schiavo case for political gain
"The passion play staged on Capitol Hill in the Terri Schiavo case was the Republican Congress at its opportunistic worst."

It revealed a conservative majority resorting to un-conservative behavior through its rejection of law and legal process. It provided a distraction for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's mounting ethics problems and it served as a tonic for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's presidential aspirations.

All that one needs to know about why the Republicans enacted a special law... [t]he one-page message circulated to Republican senators by party leaders [calling] the Schiavo debate "a great political issue" to exploit against the Democrats.

- from a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial.

Senator/douchebag Dr. Bill Frist, seen here hawking HIV-preventative anti-sweat pills.

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