June 27, 2005

Bush's credibility takes a direct hit
From own vice president, Secretary of Defense, generals on the ground, fellow republicans, facts.

The Iraqi insurgency is in its "last throes." - Dick 'dick' Cheney, 30 May 05.

"Senators are hearing from back home: If things are going so well, why do we hear every morning that 30 people have been killed in Baghdad?" said a top Republican advisor who refused to be identified.

Though Cheney spokesman Steve Schmidt said the vice president thought the controversy was mostly partisan politics, other administration officials and Republican elders, who spoke anonymously because they feared retribution from the White House, said the vice president had blundered.

"This is like the aircraft carrier," said former Reagan aide Michael Deaver, referring to Bush's infamously stupid "Mission Accomplished" stunt from the deck of the Abraham Lincoln in 2003. "God, what a boner THAT turned out to be."


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