June 24, 2005

What they said

Let me spell it out for you, Bitch. Your boy Rove pretty much condemned half the fucking country as working to get American soldiers killed. That does not sit right with those of us who didn't want to put them in the line of fire in the first place, you smug sack of lying, disingenuous shit.

And we feel that if Rove is going to blame us for wanting soldiers killed, the least he and his war-mongering asshole bosses can do is take some of the $200 billion dollars of our tax money they've absconded with in the name of the Quagmire Called Iraq and give them the basic equipment that might help keep them alive.

- stranger, at Blah3.

Words cannot express the contempt I feel for Karl Rove and for the chorus of brainless little yappers applauding his recent remarks on liberal reactions to 9/11...

- Barb, at Mahablog.


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