October 27, 2005

Pic by idle_hands.

Leak indictments will be a sad, sad day for the country, says Joseph Wilson, between gasps for air from laughing so hard.

Breaking news
Bush flip-flops Bunnypants crony Harriet Miers has 'withdrawn' her nomination to be a Supreme Court justice "in the face of stiff opposition and mounting criticism" about her non-qualifications.

Preznit Mindbogglinglystupid Personal Accountability, of course, blamed the Senate:

"Gub! Dur! Uhhhhhh... duh!" Bush said in a statement.
Gawd, if he was cranky a few days ago, he has to be absolutely ballistic today. Good. Spoiled, pompous little git.

The bad news is he's now free to appoint a religious-rightwing firebreathing puritan hack to get back into good graces with his troglodytic base. Swell.