October 24, 2005

Washington on precipice as CIA leak storm set to break
DC is braced for a political earthquake over the CIA leak scandal, with the special prosecutor narrowing in on key aides to Preznit Integritude and Vice Preznit GrownupInCharge.

[O]ne report this week in the New York Daily News suggested Cheney himself might be in the frame.

"Reading the tea leaves, it looks like something more is going on now," said Katy Harriger, a law professor at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, who has written two books on previous presidential investigations.

"There is some speculation that it might be that Cheney is in the sights as well and that is very big," she told AFP, noting that Fitzgerald may have moved away from the original scope of the inquiry and be mulling wider charges such as conspiracy or perjury.

Bush critics are salivating, because they at last see hope that the White House will pay for what they see as lies and half truths told to grease the path to war.
Pic via FireDogLake.