November 22, 2005

Stenographer 'journalism'
Woodward picks the biggest softball tosser on TV to issue his bland denials and non-apologies.
- BuzzFlash.

Bob 'please don't subpoena me! I'm a pussy!' Woodward "admitted that, in essence, he helped to protect an administration."

Appearing on Larry King last night, the WaComPo's Bob "kneel" Woodward took time out from obstructing justice to 'vigorously defend' his conduct in the CIA leak case, while revealing that he still saw "no evidence so far" that there was a "vast conspiracy" to out Valerie Plame.

The former investigative reporter said he would “love to announce” the name of his source, but reminded Larry that he had kept his word to Deep Throat: “It means I can go around and rest on my 33-year-old laurels and be a complete and utterly useless dick for the rest of my life!"

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