November 30, 2005

The emperor's new restricted airspace
It's good to be the king. Attytood reports:

His top aide's been indicted, his nominal "boss" is barely speaking to him, and a former high-ranking government official just suggested he might be "a nefarious bastard." But Dick Cheney is still an important guy -- so important that airplanes cannot fly near his new future residence-in-exile....EVEN WHEN HE'S NOT THERE!

Airspace restrictions are an inconvenience for private pilots. If they stray into restricted space, they could have their pilot's license taken away, be escorted away by fighter jets or, in a worst-case scenario, be shot down.
What a #ucking ego. This is the busy, crowded airspace of Maryland we're talking about here, 30 miles from DC. But hey, at least he's not tying things up for a haircut!