December 24, 2005

Holy shit
You go, dude!

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: How are you doing? So after Nixon was doing this illegal eavesdropping on Americans, they made this -- they created this court in the Justice Department that is specifically authorized to OK the wiretaps if the administration asks permission, is that right?

BLITZER: In 1978 they did that. It's called the FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

CAFFERTY: Yes, and if my reading is correct, they've turned down exactly five requests in the last 25 years out of tens of thousands. And you can even get permission up to 72 hours after you conduct the wiretap, right?

BLITZER: That is correct.

CAFFERTY: So why can't they pick up the phone and saw we want to do this?

LESLIE the Wonder-whore: What they said is that the new technology requires a different kind of process. And they don't necessarily have that standard probable cause that would justify a court warrant. They just need to do it to save your life.

CAFFERTY: Yes. Well, you know what? He's in big trouble. And I can't wait for the hearings to start in January.