December 22, 2005

Around blogtopia

Kudos to the General's French grandson!

Ben discusses the double-standard of Hollywood showing huge swinging meatbags at Chapel Perilous.

The O'Grinch Factor, via Tild.

Heh heh heh: the mAnn Coulter merry-go-round.

"While Bush was busy illegally spying on Americans, someone just stole 400 pounds of high-powered explosives including undetectable C-4."

Mark at the Biomes Blog writes to John lame-ass Kerry.

Corrente asks what's on Dick Cheney's iPod?

My picks:
Sound of kittens frying
Retarded babies getting squished by Godzilla
The Hindenburg disaster
Puppies going though a wood chipper
Lady Chatterly's Lover, as read by Lynne Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld