February 27, 2006


  • Workmen in Ireland have discovered a 1000-year-old stone tunnel where people might have hidden from Vikings.
    "It would be a brave man that would come down one of these after you - not knowing the plan of it and not knowing at which corner he stuck his head round you'd be waiting on the other side with an axe or whatever."
    The olden days were so awesome.

  • An ancient sun temple with statues resembling Yul Brynner Ramses has been found under an outdoor market in Cairo. Can you imagine? It is so cool that people are still finding stuff like that. The bad part is they're finding them while they're putting up yet more condos made of stone-a housing or shopping complexes. Down the road from us a Revolutionary War building was torched just to put up another fucking goddamned bank. Like 3 within 50 yards of each other wasn't enough.

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