April 25, 2006

Bush gets tepid welcome on GOP turf
Popular war preznit and decider dissed at repug 'town-hall' speech

President Lying Dumbass, aiming to shore up sagging support in a Republican bastion, came for a heart-to-heart talk on immigration Monday, acknowledging that some were puzzled by his choice of Orange County -- the heart of an area opposed to his immigration policies.

"That's what a leader does," the Decider inexplicably told a crowd of 450 business leaders at the Hyatt Regency as he roamed the room with a microphone during an hourlong town hall-style meeting.

Smirky McStupid got merely a polite reception from the kind of Southern California business crowd that usually lavishes him with cheers. And republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of Huntington Beach, who favored the tough House bill on immigration, didn't attend the event.


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