July 31, 2006

Kiss of death
Bad enough he crossed the aisle to tongue-kiss an incompetent preznit. Kissing up to a failed war preznit's "unmitigated fiasco of the highest order" is even worse. He must pay...

The Democratic electorate is obligated to send a message to its leadership. The war in Iraq was a colossal mistake, it continues to be a colossal mistake, and it will and should cost any and all congressional supporters their jobs if they continue to support this harebrained and thickheaded emasculation of American democracy.

That starts with one Joseph Lieberman. {...}

Things are looking so bad that he has vowed to mount an independent bid in November if he loses to [challenger Ned] Lamont. Doesn't that sound oh-so-statesmanlike?

- the Chicago Sun-Times.

Wehhhhhh! You can have my Senate seat when you pry my cold dead fingers off Bush's shriveled little weener!

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