November 26, 2006

Another "anti-" gay republican pedophile --

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office claims that sex-crime prosecutions are a top priority. So why is one accused serial child molester still free and awaiting trial after nearly four years?

One answer might be connections. Jeffrey Ray Nielsen is not merely a former intern in the DA’s office. He’s a prominent Republican activist in a county controlled by the Republican Party, a man with close ties to the former and current heads of that party - such as Congressman/loudmouth asshole Dana Rohrabacher, who personally vouched for him.

The 36-year-old isn’t just free from a potential prison cell — he still works at a prestigious Irvine law firm, drives a late-model BMW, lives comfortably in a Ladera Ranch townhouse and maintains a account where he lists numerous teenage boys as online friends.
Bonus: Nielsen was arrested in 2003 for allegedly molesting a high school freshman boy and "possessing a huge, illegal cache of man-boy pornography."

*It's OK, if you're a republican.

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