December 28, 2006

A fond look back at 2006
Some use the first sentence of each month's post, others the most commented-on. I'm going with the best of the posts from the first day of each month!

January: Catapulting the propaganda: Sanctimonious hypocrite and newest whore in the CNN stable of whoredom was being paid by the Bush WH.

February: I would've gotten tanked if it weren't for Cheney's hypno-tie and all the NyQuil I was downing.

March: Corrupt scumbag Tom DeLay will speak at a Christian conference for values voters - because nothing says values like facing criminal conspiracy charges and being indicted for violating campaign finance laws.

April: Bush preps for historic third term

May: "In all due respect to my colleagues, General Hayden is really more of an intelligence person than he is an Air Force officer," McCain said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm out of Vaseline and mouthwash."

June: Coalition of the... hey! Get back over here!!

July: Poll: 'Good news' fails to boost Stupie McLyington's job approval

August: Pious Saint Ricky the Drooler can't win on his own, so the rethugs are spiking the race.

September: "A crowd of thousands cheered... '"This is what democracy looks like.'"

October: "No thanks, I'm a registered Republican."

November: So, US Rep. John Sweeney - when did you stop beating your wife?

December: I would pay to see one where the husband stands outside in the driveway with a big red bow tied around his d***, for once.

Also in December we said goodbye to our dear friend Jaffa. I miss him curled up next to me at night, cutting off my circulation. Rest near meeces, kitten.