December 30, 2006

Look, daddy, ah got 'im!
"Deranged leader, responsible for the death of countless innocent Iraqi citizens, continues vacation in Crawford." - headline on teh intarwebs.

Saddam was executed by hanging last night, as Bunnypants peacefully slept with his stuffed Moses an' sherriff's badge and dreamt that he had ordered an x-tra large ball-holster from

And violence continued to rage in Iraq. December has already surpassed October as the deadliest month for US troops this year, with the death toll reaching 108. At least 2,997 US servicemen and women have been killed since the war started, but Retard McJerkhole will strut around with an extra-large smirk on his stupid monkey phiz today 'cause th' evildooer's dead, an' he helped.