December 21, 2006

Profiles in courage
Doing the people's business

Oh really?

Of all the nauseating tactics used by the Republican party in the 2006 midterm election campaign, one of the more galling was their continued insistence that Democrats had "no plan" for national security. To provide cover for that bogus claim, the Senate's GOP leadership made damn sure that they killed 528 pages of a national-security blueprint proposed by Democrats...

That legislation, dumped on an almost-straight party line vote, was one of many Democratic-sponsored measures to die in the Republican-controlled Senate in 2006 and part of a whopping three-quarters of Democratic initiatives squashed [like so many nubile young pages, over the two years of the 109th Rethug do-nothing Congress].

An analysis of all Senate roll call votes in 2006 shows that the GOP killed most legislation proposed by Senate Democrats. In all, Dems were able to scrape together a handful of Republican votes to pass just 28 pieces of legislation in all of 2006.
Who's laughing now, bitches.