December 22, 2006

Sweet Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with Bill O'Reilly??
"[M]ost women who like artificial trees ... have artificial breasts."

O'REILLY: Sixty-two percent of Americans will have a Christmas tree, but most of the trees will be artificial.

E.D. HILL (radio co-host): That surprises me. Only 62 percent have Christmas --

O'REILLY: Yeah. And here -- and here's a very -- here's something that Rasmussen didn't poll but I know, that most women who like artificial trees --

HILL: Yeah?

O'REILLY: -- have artificial breasts.

HILL: What?!?

O'REILLY: Did you know that? Yeah. There's a correlation. Yeah, there was a study done --

HILL: You know --

O'REILLY: It was. It was done at UCLA in L.A. All right --

HILL: I don't believe you --

O'REILLY: -- we gotta take a break -- we gotta take a break, and we'll be back with Reverend Barry Lynn to talk about why there's so much angst about Christmas in a moment.
??!?!?!?!???? Gawd.