February 18, 2007

Gen. Odom to Hugh Hewitt: can you be any more of a raging twathole?
The former director of the National Security Agency under Saint Ronnie of Reagan and head of Army intelligence bitchslaps the bejeebus out of Hewitt and the rest of the fightin' yellowbellied lickspittles. A sample (slightly paraphrased):

WO: Let me ask you. Are you enthusiastic enough to put on a uniform and go?

HH: No. I'm a civilian.

WO: Okay, but we can recruit you.

HH: I'm 51, General.

WO: Right. You fucking pansy-assed little pussy. And so you can sit there and fantasize any scale you want to, to scare people into continuing to do stupid things. You make me sick.

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