February 28, 2007

Oh, how I love the smell. . .

. . . of astroturf in the morning. You know that the Rethugs and their hangers-on are frightened of something when they use one of their toolhead fake grassroots groups to attack it. In this case, they're ascairt of Al Gore, his documentary, and the validation it received from the mainstream in receiving the Oscar for Best Documentary on Sunday. The astroturfers couldn't even wait one whole day before trying to discredit Gore and his film by claiming that he doesn't follow his own recommendations.

So y'all don't "believe in" global warming; your intellectual predecessors didn't "believe" that the earth was round. The fact is, it's inconvenient (to borrow an adjective) for you (i.e., whoever the fuck paid you) to believe it. Asshats.


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