April 26, 2007

Attack Dogs: A Study of Contrasts
Who is Scarier.....
Angus the Slobberknocker.........or,

Darth Cheney the Attack Dog. clicky linky and read

At least Angus doesn't shit all over the place.
Undeniable Liberal


The Beekeeper said...

Angus is cute, and I'll bet his ears are really soft.

Susan said...

Angus is adorable!

What's that awful photo below him? Some kind of mutant?

Undeniable Liberal said...

Angus is a pretty good boy, the photo below is of some evil cyborg from that new earth-like planet that was just discovered.

Anonymous said...

Angus is probably the sweetest, most lovable and laid back boy there is and Cheney is just an F*ing dick with NO lovable qualities at all.

Funny that his sperm produces only girls, but Oh, those girls...they seem to have bought into the bullshit.

Lilith said...

Unlike "dick," Angus also doesn't look ready to tear the heads off small creatures with his teeth. Drool them to death, maybe, but no tearing of flesh.

(And he's beautiful, BTW. Brindle? And how much does he weigh?)

Undeniable Liberal said...

He's a big boy, at least 150 lbs.

big em said...

The 'Dick-dog' has a nasty snarl. Can we call the Dog Whisperer in? He'd probably respond well to that treatment..

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