April 27, 2007

Bush Fatigue
This shit is even on VIDEO, oh the wonder of teh intratubes! Leading off, it's Poppy Bush, source of the demon seed, some of which obviously dribbled down Bab's thighs and ended up as a brownish yellow crusty stain in the back seat.....

"There's something to that -- there might be a little Bush fatigue now," former President Bush
Batting cleanup and hitting one out of the park, the incubator of the demon spawn spews.....

Asked if voters should be wary of Romney being a Mormon, the former president's wife, Barbara, said "not at all," noting there are "wild people" in many religions."I mean it was in 1897 that bigamy was outlawed in that church," she said. "You know we have a lot of Christian wild people too, and a lot of Jewish wild people and a lot of Muslim wild people. The Mormon religion takes care of its own, they don't have people on welfare.

Just about says it all......eh? Good luck getting rid of the mental image of Bar's naked ass in the air as Poppy prepares to mount up. Mission Accomplished, or something like that. WooooHooooo!!!

Undeniable Liberal