April 28, 2007

Jon Stewart: not helpless and not hopeless, through humor

Bill Moyers rocked again last night. He interviewed Jon Stewart:

STEWART: I used to have a real disconnect, I think, with the administration, I couldn't figure out what was going on. I think it's suddenly become clear to me. They would rather have us believe them to be wildly incompetent and inarticulate than to let us know anything about how they operate. [. . . .]

For instance, Alberto Gonzales. . . is either a perjurer, or a low-functioning pinhead. And he allowed himself to be portrayed in those hearings as a low-functioning pinhead, rather than give the Congressional Committee charged with oversight any information as to his decision-making process at the Department of Justice.

Transcript is available here, video will be posted later today.

In the next segment, "Blogging for Truth," Moyers interviewed Josh Marshall about the US Attorney purge, and Josh rocked equally.

Hearing the truth spoken openly in that way felt kind of dangerous and invigorating, like the first warm breeze of spring. . . it would be nice to get used to that feeling, wouldn't it?


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farang said...

John is half-correct: Cheney wants us to think George is wildly incompetent and inarticulate...oh.wait. He IS.