August 8, 2007

In Chimpy's Sandbox
Although the Cheney regime doesn't like bad news like this to get out, it's no longer news that thousands of weapons in Iraq are missing, but the again, so are those weapons of mass destruction. And then, of course, in order to help the peace process along in the middle east, the U.S. is sending twenty billion dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia.
Now here is some interesting funfacts that you can't get from Fox "News."

The nationalities of suicide bombers in Iraq :
Saudi Arabia: 53, 37.32%
Iraq : 18, 12.68%
Italy : 8, 5.63%
Syria : 8, 5.63%
Kuwait: 7, 4.93%
Jordan: 4, 2.82%
Libya : 3, 2.11%
Egypt : 3, 2.11%
Tunisia : 3, 2.11%
Turkey : 3, 2.11%
Belgium : 2, 1.41%
France : 2, 1.41%
Spain : 2, 1.41%
Yemen : 3, 2.11%
Lebanon: 1, 0.70%
Morocco : 1, 0.70%
Britain : 1, 0.70%
Bengal : 1, 0.70%
Sudan : 1, 0.70%
Unknown: 18, 12.68%
Iran? Iran? Buehler? Buehler? Anyone??
And once again, not to belabor the point, bust when the fuck does the "Regime Change" and subsequent carpet bombing of Saudi Arabia, covered live by CNN, begin? No, instead we arm them to the teeth. Way to go Dubya. But perhaps I am being too harsh because really, there is no way anybody could have anticipated yet another Bush fuck-up. And besides, we cannot let our friends and strategic partners go unarmed in that region. Not after we have worked so hard to make it into a violent, chaotic, profit-making hell-pit.

~Undeniable Liberal~


Anonymous said...

How many of those "suicide-bombs" were actually remotely-detonated from a near distance (like from aerial surveillance crafts)and why doesn't the media report the difference?

Uh-huh, yeah, we know why. Repeat after me. There is NO such thing as a false-flag operation, and we'll kill anyone (and blame it on someone else) who says there is.

Nick Z.

farang said...

Exactly, Nick Z. I do see that BRITAIN made the list.

Would this be some "radical Islamist" that walked to Iraq from London, or those British Special Forces caught dressed up as Iraqis and with a car full of explosives.

You remember, the ones the British Army broke out of the jail where the Iraqi police had placed the TERRORISTS?

And the end of the list "Unknown: 18, 12.68%"

Does a country founded by terrorist bombers of Irgun ring a bell?