September 27, 2007

Catapulting the propaganda

Miserable little chickenshit demands his own personal knob-gobbler to conduct an NPR interview -- and NPR tells him to fuck off. Which he does, to WH propaganda network Fox News.

The Froomster:

How much control should the White House have over who gets to interview [that snivelling fucking moron] President Bush? Specifically, should [the Dictator-tot] be able to dictate which journalists at which outlets he talks to?

Those are among the questions raised by the White House's recent offer to let National Public Radio analyst Juan Williams interview Bush about race relations -- and NPR management's insistence that they should get to choose who conducted the interview.

The end result: Williams did the interview for his other employer -- Fox News.

Given how meticulously the White House picks and grooms Bush's audiences to avoid any unpleasantness, it should come as no surprise that the press office is very careful about who gets to interview Bush. It's certainly no secret that Bush has his favorite interlocutors. (Fox News host Neil Cavuto comes to mind.) And he habitually avoids potentially contentious sit-down interviews with journalists -- and entire news organizations, for that matter -- known for their accountability reporting.
TRex at fdl asks "If the President can’t stand up to NPR, how will he stand up to al-Qaeda?" Indeed.

In other not-news, wHoward Kurtz is still a flaming douchebag.