November 22, 2007

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


WeezieLou said...

this left me with a HUGE grin :)

have a good one -

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day, maru. Love your daily dose of snarkasm.

wangmo said...

funneh kitteh doin the handturkey jive!!!

Thank you, Maru, Queen of Snarkilious Wit and Wisdom, for delivering the BEST in the worst of times.

Zena said...

LOL! What a smart feline you have! Hope ur Thanksgiving was grand!

Anonymous said...

so CUTE!!!

WHAT a CREATIVE kittty you have.

I bet it'd be an INSTANT SMASH at ANY gallery about town.

Anonymous said...

Your creatCativy and snar-cats-m is tops by far. I saved the picture for my kids luv it.

Can't wait to see what you bring forth for Caturday!

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