November 27, 2007

O'Reilly Busting Another Nut Over Something He Knows Nothing About.

(Seems to be a theme.)

Big Pappa foams at the mouth over a movie he admits he's never seen, nor will.

Bill O'Reilly is still going after Mark Cuban over the Brian DePalma film "Redacted," a film which he has vowed not to see and urges his followers to picket. He paints his faux outrage in red, white and blue patriotism and heaps scorn on Cuban, calling him a "pinhead," but of course, being Bill O'Reilly, he's misrepresenting the whole issue; it's just what he does.

O'Reilly's been hiding under his desk since Cuban offered to debate him about the movie, presumably because he's misrepresenting and knows it, and because the proposed venue is Keith Olbermann's Countdown and O'Reilly dasn't dare give KO the exposure and subsequent ratings boost.
Bill will never debate anyone outside the comfy confines of his studio, where he's always got one finger on his mute button.

Here's to hoping O'Reilly's "boycott" goes over as well as his French boycott did. (France is a third-world economy now, right? That'll learn 'em.)