November 29, 2007

Ruh Roh! Another Shitstorm For Amurka's Mayor.

...mistress used NYPD as taxi service.

Well before it was publicly known he was seeing her, then-married New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani provided a police driver and city car for his mistress Judith Nathan, former senior city officials tell the Blotter on

"She used the PD as her personal taxi service," said one former city official who worked for Giuliani.

New York papers reported in 2000 that the city had provided a security detail for Nathan, who became Giuliani's third wife after his divorce from Donna Hanover, who also had her own police security detail at the same time.

The former city officials said Giuliani expanded the budget for his security detail at the time. reported yesterday that many of the security expenses were initially billed to obscure city agencies, effectively hiding them from oversight.
See? This is why I love politics.

But anyway... seeing as Guiliani is never held accountable for anything whatsoever, this story will probably quickly disappear.

[more at the Blotter]


As Talkleft notes, Rudy might be in more trouble than he thinks:
[NY State Comptroller Alan Hevesi's] decision to step down came as Albany prosecutors were preparing to ask a grand jury to indict him on charges of defrauding the government and on other felonies stemming from his use of state employees as chauffeurs and aides to his wife, a law enforcement official said, charges that could have yielded a prison sentence had he been convicted.

I'm sure that for undisclosed 'national security reasons', though, Mr. Guiliani will not be punished for breaking a law. A felony, no less.