November 26, 2007

Trent Lott: Newest GOP Sex Fiend?

It's too early to say, but a lot of people are wondering if Trent Lott's sudden "retirement" has anything to do with the "explosive" sex story Larry Flynt has been teasing for a month now.

Pretty please, Jesus, let it be true.

Big Head DC hears that Hustler’s Larry Flynt may have played a role in the sudden and unexpected announcement of the resignation of Sen. Trent Lott this morning. Flynt was already involved earlier this year in uncovering Sen. David Vitter’s involvement with the so-called DC Madam escort service. He has said he would reveal more “huge” tawdry politico sex scandals by year’s end.

Some are speculating that a sex scandal is involved in the odd Trent development, although the unofficial spin is that the exit of the Republican Senate Minority Whip may be linked to a new post-Senate career lobbying law that takes effect at the end of the year. He is believed to be in good health.