December 27, 2007


Anonymous said...

Every single Christmas pic on this site has just brought uuuuuuu's and ahhhhhhh's to me and my family throughout this entire season 07. I dunno where you get them Maru, but the gift that you've given by putting them up here has just gone on and on.

THIS one is spectacular and just awe inspiring and we thank you.

--mf said...


Check YOUR BLOG'S Email For A Wonderful Message.

Maru-- Please make sure he checks his email... He's gonna like this-- and so are you!

Or you can check here:

And THEN check the email for what to do, and where to click to make another unsuspecting blogger extremely happy.

Cheers, and Congrats.... The "Red Lobster Dumpster Smell" defining Ann Coulter really SHOULD become a meme. It is absolutely PERFECT.

I suspect it will catch on this coming year-- keep using it!