December 30, 2007

Don't Forget Poland

Poles not buying Preznit Blunder's bullshit --

Poland’s new government is taking a second look at the Bush misadministration’s proposal to station 10 interceptor missiles there as part of a European-based missile-defense system.

The Poles are not the only ones with doubts. Last month, a thousand Czechs marched through Prague demanding a referendum on whether the system’s radar should be built in the Czech Republic, as the Bush White House wants.

It now seems that the only one with any enthusiasm for the effort is Preznit GameBoy, who continues to argue that the shield is necessary to "protect Europe and the United States" from a "potential attack" by Iran. Bill Kristol told him so.

Above: the conservatard columnist, enjoying himself at a party thrown by former UN ambassador and fellow neocon John Bolton.


Anonymous said...

Fucking Neo-cons! WHEN are the American sheeple going to get interested enough, informed enough, and energized enough (ie; enough to spend 30 minutes a year to vote!) to politically relegate these assholes to the irrelevancy they deserve in a modern, enlightened society??!!? How much longer does this greed-centered/mean-spirited/shot-sighted experiment have to go on?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Trolltards cant get interested and informed enough to support and protect an enlightened society because they are victims of Ronnie's destruction of our educational system, particularly made incapable of giving a shit about their fellow man because of the removal of the Arts and Humanities from the curriculum--the esoteric aspect of Education that inspires and cultivates an enlightened society.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Wangmo, that's undoubtedly part of it. If you have people that just focus on feeding their face and having a lot of material items, then they don't care much about the rest of humanity. To them, Arts & Humanities are just superfluous extravangances. (Hell, Cheney & W don't even care about legal, binding documents like the Contsitution, can you even imagine those sorts caring about more abstract ethical notions?)

To me, a lot of this seems like it started back in the mid-1970's around the time of the first 'oil-shock'. People got worried about their economic future and too-many bought-in to the right-wing/conservative agenda -- even Carter was a relatively conservative Democrat (by historical standards -- not the skewed Neo-con distortions of today). Then they recklessly voted for an 'empty-suit' in Reagan and we went downhill from there.

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