December 30, 2007


"I'm thrilled to announce I have been hired by the
New York Times, an irredeemably second-rate
newspaper which should be prosecuted by the
Justice Department for gratuitously revealing
classified information."



Bustednuckles said...

There's a fucking puke that a good cock punching should be a warm up act for.

wangmo said...

My Lama would be horrified to hear me say this, but images of Wanker Krepustule incite urges in me to run out and buy a pair of steel-toed boots and kick the living crap out of him, then stuff his Smegma-sucking Weekly Standard up his ass with no mercy and no butter. Venomous snake. Deranged, demented, soulless sub-species creep.

big em said...

Gee, it took them over 2 yrs to fill Judith Miller's propaganda duties? Damn 'lie-bral media'!!

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