December 31, 2007

For all the wrong reasons

Basement-dwelling conservatard leg-humper at www.whitehouse_spermburper "americanthinker".com nominates petulant fartsniffer Preznit Crash Test Dummy as "man of the year." No, hold on -- "man of the decade"!

Whether it was the contested election of 2000, the response to 9/11, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the "mess in Iraq," and the surge, the guy in the middle was President Bush. Whether it's the success of the 2003 tax cuts, the mess of No Child Left Behind, or the gigantic expansion of Medicare, the go-to guy is President Bush.
Sigh. Where to begin... The "mess in Iraq," as you so breezily call it, is a fucking war where 3902 US troops and countless tens of thousands of civilians have been killed, and where 38,876 US troops have been wounded. One with no end in sight. Dumbass. God, I need a drink already...
The astonishing thing about President Bush is that, pace his critics, he has not presided over a White House bunker mentality. He has not held onto policies inflexibly without ever changing strategy when he needed to. He did not go into Iraq without a plan for the aftermath. He did not refuse to face up to his mistakes. He is so fucking awesome!!1!eleventy!
Whoa! It's opposite day already? Huh!
[I]n this season of conservative discontent let us appreciate that in President Bush we have a leader who, while lacking the charm of a matinee idol, does not lack for courage, fortitude, coolness under fire, and a willingness to play "big ball."
If by the above you mean an "insufferably dense, pig-headed, mulish, inflexable, peevish, belligerent spoiled brat" who can't tell his ass from his elbow and would probably use both to wipe the apple sauce off his stupid monkey chin, well yeah. Congratulations, you pathetic lickspittle! You've won this month's obsequious spoodge-swallower award. Here's your prize:

Update: A suicide car bomber has just killed five children and six neighborhood patrol volunteers in Baghdad. Jerkoff.

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