December 29, 2007

It’s not the sex, it’s the hypocrisy

The Pensito Review's nominees for 2007's GOP adulterers hall of shame fame shame.

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Anonymous said...

It just pisses me off endlessly about this stuff -- for the following reasons:
1.) Ultimately, it's NOT that
politically important to me
what the sex-life of
consenting adult politicians
is. Just like I
don't care about my plumber,
electrician, housekeeper,
physician or auto-mechanic's
sex life it -- as long as
they do their job well,
that's all I care about in
my business relationship
with them. Politicians'(and
athletes & movie/TV stars)
primary jobs are NOT that of
a role model. It's NICE if
they -- or anyone else -- IS
a role model, but I don't
think people should look
there for that. If
politicians pass good,
helpful laws and acts, that’s
all I expect from them.

2.) Politicians that try to
make a BIG deal out of the
sexual actions of their
opponents are typically
trying to distract attention
from their lackluster
qualifications or misdoings.
"Forget about welfare for
the needy or the Iraq War
& all it's carnage - - I
support the 'Defense of
Marriage Act' " type of
crap. The proportionality
is all fucked-up.

3.) When politicians engage in
#2 above -- BUT ARE ACTUALLY
pushes the whole thing over
the edge to the point of
absurdity. I start blaming
the American Sheeple and the
SCLM who are ultimately
the enablers of this line of