December 31, 2007

The year's most laughable political antics

Some good stuff from SFgate, including

Best Fodder for the Late-Night Comedians:

Sen. Larry Craig (R-estroom) gave "new meaning to the word caucusing" (David Letterman) when he was caught playing footsie in the men's room with his infamous "wide stance." Craig announced his resignation from the Senate, then later reversed his decision after "talking it over with guy in stall No. 3" (Conan O'Brien), angering his Republican colleagues, some of whom "stopped having sex with him" (Jimmy Kimmel). The staunchly anti-gay lawmaker denied being a hypocrite, saying, "Hey, I wasn't trying to marry the cop in the bathroom" (O'Brien). Later, he was inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame - not the entire hall, "just the men's room" (Jay Leno).
and the best Bushism:
During the 2000 presidential race, candidate George W. Bush famously asked, "Is our children learning?" Seven years into his presidency, the Great Pronunciator finally arrived at a conclusion: "Childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured," Bush declared as he touted the success of No Child Left Behind.