January 24, 2008


Dennis Kucinich, Munchkin of Justice, has dropped out of the presidential race, CNN is reporting.


big em said...

Though I haven't officially heard it yet, it wouldn't be surprising - - DK is just not attracting enough numbers to even play 'bargaining chip' and (theoretically at least) get a plank or two in Dem's platform. Maybe if he was taller & dumber & more corporately-compromised he'd be a front-runner.

Sad.. somebody who actually 'walks the progressive walk' over the years gets zilch for support, while the transparently manipulative, sleazy, 'tri-angulating' types who 'sell the sizzle and not the steak' get $50 Million+ and the widespread support of the American Sheeple.

It's really NOT that hard anymore to see why the US is where it's at politically. If we keep electing bad politicians we're going to keep getting bad politics... 100% predictable.

julian said...

I agree 100% with Em.

I have also heard that he is facing a significant challenge to his Congressional seat from some well-heeled corporate types who would love nothing more than to knock him out of his Cleveland district. I suspect he feels that he needs to work on the Cleveland campaign in order to keep his congressional seat.

Consider this an indication of how much the corporate types think his ideas are dangerous. We need more people like that man.

The Democratic race is a waste of time nearly as pathetic as the Republicans if DK left. I'll vote for Cynthia McKinney as the Green candidate. And don't bore me with that nonsense about "a vote for the Greens is a vote for the Republicans" shit. 1. This is supposed to be a democracy, so vote for whoever the fuck you want, and 2. a vote for the Democrats OR the Republicans is still a vote for the corporations and an intolerable status quo.

Sorry. Rumors of DKs capitulation have made me cranky.

Da Frog said...

He is really tanking in Florida. A bunch of NYFD are following him around with a 15 foot inflatable rat. It looks just like him. Why does Rudy hate America? So long Nosferatu.