January 24, 2008

The fail is strong with this one

Don't count out lazy-ass quitter Sleepy McNappersons yet, gawps mouthbreather at unclearpolitics:

If McCain loses in Florida, the Republicans may well be headed to a deadlocked race and convention. And history teaches us that the likeliest candidate to emerge in that scenario is someone like Warren G. Harding: the prototypical, less-than-stellar candidate to which conventions turn when the going gets rough. This year's Harding? Believe it or not (are you sitting down?), despite the fact that he's withdrawn from the race, is Fred Thompson.

He certainly looks like a president, so much so that he's played two in the movies!!1!!eleventy0ne!!
He might even have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express one night!!!11!!


Anti-War-Protester said...

Watch Louisianna. Ron Paul may have actually won the Republican Caucus. Hundreds of votes for delegates are being withheld from the counting. A really dirty trick is being played out so as to hold back the results till after Super Tuesday so he will not get any kind of push from his first win.

The Republican Party is terrified of Paul and his unrestrained unabashed, old school consevatism.

Anti-War-Protester said...

Article to follow the story!