January 29, 2008

Makin' progress

We are so kicking ass! As Bill Kristol, John McCain and Joe Lieberman vigorously fellate one another after last night's SOTU, the glorious surge is going... gloriously:

Democracy's on the march! Only nine bodies and 10 severed heads were found on Tuesday in an abandoned field north of Baghdad.

In an astonishing sign of normalcy, a suicide car bomber targeted a U.S. patrol Tuesday in Mosul, killing at least one Iraqi and wounding as many as 15.

And as we complete our objectives in Iraq, "the White House will ask Congress next week for another $70 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an amount that would help cover operational costs only until early next year when the next administration takes over."


Anonymous said...

Remember when we debated what should be done with the "peace dividend" after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

We talked about the good we could do with all that money.

Cryin shame.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Julian, I agree. I keep remembering back to the 'tri-angulating' Clinton era when (at the constant urging of Neo-cons & Reboobs) we 'had' to cut federal welfare assistance (AFDC) to families by $17 billion per year. Couldn't have that money spent on food, clothing, shelter, and other basic needs for families (including children) in our own country -- it was too much of an 'entitlement'! Better to spend it nowadays on a few months of an illegal, immoral war where we impoverish a country, kill around a million of them, and get almost 4000 of our own soldiers killed, create 3-4 million refugees, and sully our international reputation (after all, 99% of the rest of the world isn't as stupid/gullible as our Bush supporters) in the bargain.

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