January 29, 2008

Tweety Matthews: drooling gpuke-sucking mattress-soiler

Tweet, his dignity in tatters, shamelessly gushes over half-dead old Bushkisser --

During coverage of [Drinky McDumbass]'s final State of the Union address, Chris Matthews began an interview with Republican presidential candidate John McCain by saying, "Senator McCain, you know you're in my heart!"

At the end of the interview, Matthews said: "Well, you show a lot of courage out there, Senator."

Earlier on Hardball, during the "Power Rankings" segment, in which he predicted "who I think has the best shot right now at being the next president of our country," Matthews ranked McCain last out of his picks for the top four presidential candidates, saying, "At number four: the least promising -- break our hearts -- Senator John McCain, a regular of this circuit."